Her life has been like a different kind of fairy tale…

Because, sometimes, reality can be more fantastic than fiction. And this is exactly what happened to Beatriz Luengo who, experiencing the adventures of a circus where she spent some years of her childhood, developed an innocent and naughty character that is as magical as the acts that take place under the circus tent.

That circus magic would have its effect, enchanting young Beatriz forever, leading her into the life-long adventure of becoming part of the entertainment world.

With the soul of a manoush, and the nobility of a princess, music, dance, and acting became the challenges she would aspire to conquer.

In her homeland, Spain, the fairy tale would have a happy ending. But that really would only mark the end of one stage and the beginning of another.

A new phase, in which she would face more challenges, like the uncertainty that comes from leaving one’s home and traveling to distant lands in search of new opportunities. Just what Beatriz the traveler, the one whose name in Latin, Beatrice, means “life wanderer”, did.

And that life brought her to the United States in 2010 to begin a music production process along with travel partner and producer Yotuel Romero (two-time winner of the Latin Grammy award with his band Orishas). Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami were the key scenarios to find musicians that could give life to their sound, including Ziggy Marley (son of Bob Marley), who is featured in one of the most special collaborations of Beatriz’s new album…

This is but one more step in the career of this Madrid-born artist who, from the age of 17, had already achieved success with three albums to her credit (Mi Generación, BL, Carrusel), hits in Europe, TV appearances, cinema, theatre...

The result of all these experiences, coupled with her free spirit and a combination of talent and courage, persistence and faith, love and enthusiasm, is what led Beatriz to work on what will be her new musical production, Bela y Sus Moskitas Muertas, which features 11 songs, and where the listener will be able to discover that this young singer and songwriter, is much more like Bela than like a “wallflower.”

Bela is the fictional name with which she interacts with her fans, whom she calls her “Moskitas Muertas.” Bela is the Queen Bee, in charge of a sweet music concoction that surprises with its melodious and irresistible flavors.

A new sound, a new pop, a new rhythm to please the ear. Fresh sounds and sarcastic lyrics that will manage to get everyone smiling. Irresistible and unique, as is Beatriz herself.

“I love the Latin music of the 1960s, British pop, hip hop and Bob Marley,” continues Beatriz, who identifies herself with artists like Eliza Doolittle, Bruno Mars or Jessie J. “I feel that music is a heritage that comes from anywhere in the world and influences one’s attitude, clothes, singing, etc. Today more than ever, the Internet teaches us that there are not that many barriers and that no matter where you are or what language you speak, with only listening to a sound you can relate to it morally and spiritually.”

Como Tú No Hay 2 (the new album’s first single), is about a princess that can be any girl today, who has “no gold, wealth or fame, but has a d'Artagnan who would kill for her with his sword,” Beatriz says. “My prince is not blond with blue eyes. My prince is mestizo, with piercings and hair in the Rasta style, and I am a princess who arrives in a traveling circus.” That's what she wants to convey with her lyrics, that to be a princess in 2011 doesn’t mean one has to be linked to material things, to money, to the physical. “I live between L.A. and Miami, where I feel Latin, willing to fight for a dream. I would like for any girl that works at a beauty salon and that listens to my single Como Tú No Hay 2, to feel like a princess, simply because she has someone that loves her or because she is special, or because she is the heroine in her family, whom she supports. That to me means being a princess in 2011.”

Music and literature have not only nourished the sensibility of Beatriz Luengo; acting also has. And from this aspect of her life, she has incorporated elements into her musical creations. “I am an actress, which is why I want each of my albums to be like a movie, a project. It is not so much just a record with my songs. It is something more,” she says. “It is a message; that’s how I see my music.”

This message would seem to have multiple interlocutors, but in the end, they are all the same: Beatriz Luengo, the circus girl, the modern princess, the “Moskita Muerta”, Bela. And there will be more. More alter egos, but all Beatriz. Always Beatriz, life’s wanderer.

The themes of her songs reflect this. A track like Chicas de Revista, for example, is very sarcastic, with plenty of double entendres and comedy. “It mirrors what we are told in magazines, and the ways we are advised to incorporate that information into our lives,” she says.

Beatriz Luengo’s music is special. It comes about organically, not in a pre-programmed fashion. It is not robotic, or artificial. And now, as she has shown throughout her career, achieving great success in Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc., Beatriz proves once again that her music is not just a question of language, but of sound. A sound that has managed to break down the barriers of language. "My music would fit into the pop genre. It is simply done in another way,” she explains.

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